SMSF Loans

Type of Loans

Residential Property Loan​

Investment with your super allows you to take advantage of some of the best tax savings available.

Choosing the appropriate structure, on the other hand, is crucial for meeting the ATO's borrowing criteria. DONE

SMSF Loan 360 provides accurate, well-informed help at every level of the SMSF loan procedure based on years of expertise. We also have access to some of the most competitive loans on the market. DONE

Understanding SMSF Residential Loans​

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Commercial Property Loan​

Acquiring commercial property within an SMSF requires the right loan structure to maximise tax savings and investment growth.

In order to assist you to accomplish your financial goals, SMSF 360 offers low-cost lending choices. This way, your investment is not limited by uncertainty or bad financing practises. DONE

Borrowing for business investment purposes requires independent legal and financial ADVICE . We can help you to acquire a commercial SMSF loan. DONE​

Our experts can assist you at every stage. We provide a comprehensive service by using our professional network's knowledge. We give a solution tailored to your needs. DONE​

Understanding SMSF Commercial Loans​

SMSF Lending Strategy

At SMSF Loan 360, we help by taking the time to understand your financial requirements and aspirations.

Investing in property through your SMSF may be challenging, especially if you borrow to do so. You need a lending plan that can operate with your fund's investment strategy while complying government regulations, taxes, and fees. Our SMSF Loan professionals can help you to make educated decisions and through the full financing procedure.

If you want to borrow money to invest in your superannuation, here are few lending options available

Related Party Lending

This feature allows your SMSF to borrow money a from related party , possibly you, to purchase an asset. You might become the SMSF's lender if you have enough cash or equity.

For example; you borrow $500k against your house in order to lend to your SMSF. You make the needed bank repayments, and your SMSF passes them to you.

Benefit of Internal lending:

Less Fee

Avoiding Costly Legal Fees

No Restrictions

No Restrictions On The Type Of Property Investment.


More Lender Options.


This is a complex lending product and not appropriate for everybody. As a result, it is critical to get professional advice and information to determine if Related Party Lending is right for you.

Hybrid Financing

Hybrid lending happens when your SMSF borrows money from a third party (like a bank) and an internal party (like the fund's trustees). It's a combination of an SMSF loan and a related party loan. It works well to get over the GST hurdle for commercial transactions or to cover a modest deposit deficiency. Hybrid financing requires greater coordination among the parties involved, a more advanced bare trust, and detailed loan paperwork.

Hybrid financing techniques in SMSFs need expert supervision.